3D reality capture

BIM model development

Detailed 3D modeling of Historic facades

Delivery of reality capture meshes and point cloud models

what we do


  • 3d laser scanning is a process which captures the real world as a highly detailed 3D point cloud.
  • We provide services using latest Faro Focus 3d Laser Scanners.
  • Our 3d Laser Scanners deliver high resolution data without disruption to your workflow.


  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of collecting and creating a digital representation of the built environment.
  • Building Information Models can be used to interpret the data, visualize space, and make strategic decisions, as well as minimize error during construction.
  • We have developed in-house processes to ensure fully compliant deliverables for Revit per level of details you require.


  • An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) commonly known as drones equipped with high definition cameras allow us to take imagery of wide areas.
  • High resolution geo-referenced images are collected and used to construct 3d models in short amount of time.
  • UAVs are particularly useful for documenting difficult sites.