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A 3D Digital Twin creates a road map for your building. This digital replica details physical assets, processes and systems that can be used for planning and construction. Our advanced laser scanning service creates a 3D digital image of your entire facility, providing a current state of the site and all its elements at the time of capture.

This digital simulation can help you to identify issues during demolition, installation clashes that were not recognized, or hidden safety risks. Since a digital twin is a virtual replica of your system, solutions to operational bottlenecks can be tested in a simulated and safe environment. Additionally, a 3D digital twin can help you to evaluate the feasibility of substantial capital investments before allocating the space or budget.

With fewer assumptions and unknowns during the design phase, mistakes and re-works are minimized, and scope changes can be implemented quickly.  Plus, most scans can be performed while the industrial plant is still in operation, eliminating down time.