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Historical buildings

3D laser scanning can be used for a variety of historical building projects: to enhance existing as-built drawings, to guide restoration plans, or to provide historical documentation of its architecture.

Our team can capture an accurate point cloud of the historical building, to be used in creating drawings and plans for maintenance, or just to record the façade and details of the building to preserve its history.

Natural disasters and decay are unavoidable, but 3D laser scanning provides a solid, digitally archived reinforcement plan. The small footprint of 3D laser scanning provides an unobtrusive way to document fragile historical sites, and proactive use of this technology will ensure that our important historical buildings are preserved for many years ahead.

Industrial Plants

3D laser scanning is the most effective solution for navigating the complex challenges of measuring and documenting the as-built conditions of any industrial environment. It can enhance engineering design, shorten project schedules, and promote collaboration between engineering teams and manufacturers when adding or retro-fitting new piping, electrical systems, or equipment. Plus, most scans can be performed while the industrial plant is still in operation, eliminating production down time.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning for Industrial Plants:

  • Accurate documentation of current structure
  • Eliminate unknowns
  • Document complex systems
  • Safely measure hard-to-reach areas
  • Decrease change orders
  • Minimize project delays

Property Development

Property developers understand that construction project errors can cause delays, and delays cost money. Using 3D laser scanning to identify a project’s as-built condition ahead of time can help identify construction mistakes before they turn into project delays and lose revenue. In this virtual environment, stakeholders can manage projects in real time, away from the building site.

Laser scanning provides precision and detail to traditional property development tasks, and can reduce operational costs associated with maintenance, repairs, and renovations down the line. Developers can also be assured they have complete and detailed as-built documentation in the event of a legal claim or dispute, with current images of the conditions of structures under construction.

Our team uses FARO Laser Scanners, the worlds most trusted source of 3D measurements, imaging and realization. This technology enables us to record site data accurately and quickly in a format that can easily be transferred into 2D CAD drawings or 3D BIM Models. Floorplans and elevation drawings can be quickly generated from this data to help in space planning or to obtain building permits.