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Construction verification has traditionally been verified by surveying manually, using a total station or a tape measure. 3D scanning technology has made these time consuming and error-prone methods  unnecessary; using a 3D scanner one technician can precisely measure an entire construction site in just a few hours. 

Laser Scan Chicago provides 3D scan services for every phase of construction. We quickly and accurately capture the existing conditions of your facility, importing point cloud data directly into BIM software such as Revit. 

Our CAD experts create 2D drawings and 3D models for construction planning, allowing you to easily compare new construction against the as-built model or drawings for quality control. 

Project managers are able to inspect construction progress remotely, and engineers can solve issues in 3D – regardless of their location. The ability to measure ceilings, walls, elevations, and beams from within the scan files helps mitigate clashes and prevent rework before you enter the build phase. This detailed visual record also helps to reduce operational costs associated with maintenance, repairs, and renovations in the future.