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3D laser scanning can enhance engineering design, shorten project schedules, and increase collaboration between plant engineering teams and manufacturers when adding or retro-fitting new piping, electrical systems, or equipment. This technology minimizes risk and promotes higher safety standards in the design, maintenance and management of these complex capital investment projects.

3D scanning accurately captures all of the details of your location, including structural steel, duct work, and even small details such as lighting fixtures and handrails. Engineers are provided as-built drawings to guide them in minimizing interferences and determining the ideal and least invasive locations for equipment. They can visualize the space within this digital twin, take accurate measurements, and engineer the design for a precise fit. 

With fewer assumptions and unknowns during the design phase, mistakes and re-works are minimized, and scope changes can be implemented quickly.  Plus, most scans can be performed while the industrial plant is still in operation, eliminating down time.